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Ditto Music: Get Your Music On iTunes In 24 Hours - Hypebot (1)

Digital music distributor Ditto Music has announced that they can now get your songs on iTunes in 24 hours. This should help artists better coordinate their album release strategy, with company turnaround, instead of risking getting the math wrong.

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  1. Highly doubtful.

  2. We work as a distributor for IODA and can get iTunes releases up the same day. Not every time, but 24 hours is the norm. If we publish before 10amPST it will be up typically that same afternoon/night.
    i guess it is about who wants to brag about it though…and how ready the client is with their digital assets.

  3. Right Diego. Thanks for reminding me.
    – it’s payday
    Time to withdraw my Tunecore cash.
    I’ve been with Tunecore ever since they went on line and have been extremely happy with their service. I have never felt an urge to change. Ditto is good for getting on Spotify should you want that service.

  4. While I do congratulate Ditto Music for their accomplishment, this isn’t a new deal. iTunes new content system is updating for every distributor. We too have the ability to get content placed on iTunes within 24 hours and we give selected artist & labels DIRECT access to iTunes!
    Max Miller
    VP, Venzo Music (VMG)

  5. Ah, the Tunecore / Ditto debate. I am still on Tunecore but i use Ditto also as they offer so many stores that Tunecore don’t.
    Both have their good points, its what works best for you


  6. still reading comments here…and noticed…
    nobody has yet to say anything about insuring metadata health and rights. the best distributors are the ones who focus on those two issues. speed is not the issue if you can employ strategy. speed of delivery to retail is not a problem anymore, so please, stop trying to solve it. the real issue is metadata, and the many rights disputes that plague distributors.

  7. Hi Corey
    Thanks for the feedback.
    We are actually getting artists live in under 24 hours that is for certain, sometimes just minutes. We say 24 hours to make sure there is enough time for any data changes.
    It was actually a massive issue for our artists. We had so many world cup songs released over the summer that took the standard 4/5 weeks to get on to iTunes, which for some artists ( depending on their country ) was the length of their world cup!
    Now any artist can be live on iTunes through Ditto Music in just 24 hours and this is great news for artists selling on iTunes pre-release.
    If you still want to have 4 weeks from upload to relese date you can, and you can also have the itunes pre-order option set up for you , by Ditto , free of charge!
    And don’t forget we also make artists chart eligible, so this will have massive repercussions.
    My brother and I who run Ditto were releasing music ourselves before we started Ditto Music. It took us so long to sort our label, distribution out that by the time we released the song our fan-base had dwindled and what could have been a top 40 single, stalled at number 80.
    We wanted it to be possible for any artists to release a chart eligible song, on their own label within 24 hours. And now they can.
    If anyone has any questions regarding iTunes 24 hour service, chart eligibility or releasing music in general feel free to hit me up with any questions.

  8. God. This is bottom of the barrel stuff.
    Maybe that guy from New Music Seminar is right.

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  9. Yes, this is certainly bottom of the barrel stuff. Its not like you’re the person in charge of distribution for Michael Jackson’s music, he just died and oh snap, you need to get all his stuff on iTunes yesterday. Yes 24 hours is nice, but you are supposed to have a marketing/release/distribution strategy that started at least three months ago. iTunes is not a physical retailer. They don’t ship you returns of stuff they haven’t sold, so you have your songs ready to go, you distibute to iTunes and you start your marketing plan once you’re on. Why do you need 24 hour service? Any one falling over this is the type of clutterer that Tom Silverman was talking about, just clogging up the system.

  10. Hi Jay / Marc
    It is funny you mention Michael Jackson. One of our artists Mick Jackson who was the original writer and singer of “Blame It On The Boogie” ( please feel free to google ) was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary going out in 7 days, so needed his music live within that time.
    And luckily we were able to help him set up a label , become chart eligible and on sale in iTunes in just 3 days, with plenty of time to cash in on the TV opportunity.
    OF course artists can still release in 4-8 weeks if they wish, but sometimes they need it online much quicker, so why not update our times so this is possible for everyone?
    What is great now is that if you do release in 4 weeks, we can make you available on iTunes pre release ( free of charge ) in 24 hours. So while you are doing your marketing , fans are able to pre order your track.
    We have had 7 UK top 40 singles, all with unsigned artists , and this was using Pre release, SMS downloading, bundling and loads of other great services which are ALL available to unsigned artists through Ditto.
    I agree with some of Tommy’s criticism. It isn’t enough simply to put music in stores. That is why we help promote, we claim back artits PRS royalties for gigs, radio and TV , we help sync music and we help you set up a record label.
    These are all tools that unsigned deserve to have available to them, so we will keep working to make sure that they do

  11. @Corey, your comments are very confusing. I think you need to find a point and stick to it. 1st you say there’s no way that they can get anything in itunes within 24hrs (which other distributors above you say IS possible. Then you follow your own reply by saying “speed of delivery to retail is not a problem anymore…stop trying to solve it.” – PLEASE SPEAK FOR YOURSELF.
    Anyway, the reason (I’d guess) that they are advertising this feature is because most people don’t want to wait 6 weeks for their music to get on itunes. The 24hr turn around is actually what caught my attention. Also, for all of the other distr. who are saying that they have that option as well, what are you doing with the option. Are you giving customers 24hr turn around (if so, let us know). I was ready to sign up with Tunecore until I read this, but now I’m not too sure.

  12. This 24 live system is being trialed by iTunes at the moment. It has nothing to do with Ditto being special.
    RouteNote also has this option, but unlike other distributors we offer a FREE and PREMIUM option to artists.
    Free option means artists keep 90% of the revenues.
    Premium option means artists pay small upfront fee (NOT SUBSCRIPTION, just ONE TIME FEE) and keep 100% of the revenues.

  13. Avoid Ditto Music at all costs!
    Ditto music advertised they would release my album to “over 200 stores” within “4-5 weeks”. It has been FOUR MONTHS, and so far it is only on iTunes (and that took 6 weeks). It also appears on 4 other stores, but Ditto messed up the track names, so the wrong track plays when you click the one you expect.
    I paid £55.00 for this + £24.00 a year subscription. Their Co-Founder has refused my request to cancel the release and release it again with the correct track names, because it would cost him a few pounds. Instead I have waited 4 months while they apparently chase the corrections with 200 stores (actually 5).
    Even more astonishingly, they are also refusing to pay me the small royalties I did earn during the limited time they put my album up on iTunes with wrong track names before I cancelled in disgust, because these earnings were ‘below their payment threshold’. Of course they were! Their delays and mistakes were the cause of that. How unfair and ironic that they then refuse to pay me what little they did generate with my membership fee. So now I have lost my membership fee + subscription + any royalties too!
    I wish I had never heard of Ditto Music. Their bad reputation is well earned. I have reported them to Trading Standards and the Insolvency Service’s Companies Investigation Branch. I am pushing for the maximum fine, as they have scuppered my album launch that i worked years towards, completely ruining the creative process for me and losing me many potential sales.
    I have told Ditto that if they do the right thing and refund me for a service I did not receive, that I will remove these comments. Instead they threatened me with libel action, but unfortunately they do not seem to understand libel law, as something is only libelous if it is not true. I maintain my offer that if Ditto refund my membership fee for their failure to successfully launch my album onto the stated services after four months, plus the small royalties I did earn from the limited time my album was up with incorrect track names, before I cancelled my membership with them in disgust, then I will remove these non-libellous, factual comments.

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How long does it take for Ditto to upload your music? ›

Your music can be released on Spotify within 5 working days using our Express Release service, however we do generally advise to allow up to 3 weeks for all stores to become live.

How much does Ditto pay per stream? ›

The royalty returns on streams is approximately 0.003p per stream, but may vary in different territories. The amount paid for downloads will also vary, as stores take a commission between 10-30%.

How do you withdraw money from Ditto Music? ›

If you'd like to request a payout, log in to your Ditto account, head to your 'Royalties' dashboard and click the 'Withdraw' button under your available balance. Then hit 'Withdraw funds now' and follow the instructions to request a payout.

How does Ditto Music pay royalties? ›

Ditto Music Publishing will make your royalties available to you within 30 days of the end of each month that we receive royalties from collections societies.

How long does it take to distribute a song? ›

The release timeline varies between music services and generally can take up to 3 weeks. If you've followed the guidelines set by the streaming services and digital stores, your release could be published within 48 hours upon submitting to Level.

Is Ditto Music better than tunecore? ›

Ditto Music offers much better value for money across the board. Not only are Ditto's music distribution subscription plans cheaper, but you can also get access to free tools Tunecore makes you pay for - as well as promotion services and more. Plus Ditto Music's free 30-day trial means you can try before you buy.

How much does 1 million streams pay? ›

Spotify pays between $0.001 and $0.008 per stream to artists. This means that if your song is streamed one million times on Spotify, you can expect to earn between $1,000 and $8,000.

How many streams make 1000 dollars? ›

You need to get 250,000 streams on Spotify in order to make a $1000. In other words, you need several football stadiums full of people to listen to your music at least once.

How much does 1 Spotify stream make you? ›

We already know that Spotify's average per-stream rate is $0.004. But how about its close competitors, Apple Music and Amazon Music? Apple Music pays 52% to all labels and the same rate for publishers in each country. Like most streaming platforms, Apple Music determines royalties on a streamshare model.

What artists use Ditto Music? ›

Music Publisher, Management Company, Distributor

Artists Ditto has worked with / distributed down the years include Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Sam Smith, Royal Blood, Chance The Rapper, Sarkodie and many more.

How much does Ditto charge for distribution? ›

Ditto Pricing
Ditto Annual Subscription$150 per Yearper Receiver
Ditto Monthly Subscription$15.99 per Monthper Receiver

Is Ditto good for music distribution? ›

My overall takeaway on using Ditto for music distribution is that it's a completely viable and impressively cost-efficient option – with a few notable shortcomings. It's got plenty of pros. And it has its own warts, too. Overall, I think it's a good platform.

How long does it take to receive royalties? ›

It can take up to a year for royalties to start coming in.

It will generally take an average of 9-12 months before you see your first royalty payment.

How much does Spotify pay for 1000 plays? ›

As for how much Spotify pays per stream, they pay roughly $0.04 per 10 streams. So, 1000 streams would be around $4, and 100,000 streams would be $400. Remember, this result may be lower based on certain factors such as if only half of your song was listened to.

How much money is Ditto worth? ›

The current price is $0.375207 per DITTO.

Who distributes music the fastest? ›

Which Music Distributor is Fastest? Distrokid has the fastest music distribution times out of all the music distribution companies. They push your music to stores 10-20 times faster than any other distributor.

How long does it take to release a song on Apple music? ›

How long does it take to get music on Apple Music? We care about making sure that when you release music, your songs get out to your fan base as quickly as possible. After you upload your music, it will take us about one day to approve it. Then you can expect to hear your songs on Apple Music after 2-3 business days.

How much does it cost to fully produce a song? ›

One song could cost from $50 to $500 – but at a project-based rate, an entire album could start at around $2000. After an album is recorded, it is sent to a mastering engineer. Average mastering engineering rates are $100+ per song or $500+ per album.

Who is ditto music owned by? ›

Ditto Music
GenreOnline distribution, Record label
FounderLee Parsons, Matt Parsons
8 more rows

How much money does a songwriter make per song? ›

Physical Mechanical Royalties

Right now, the rate is 9.1 cents per song. This is the total mechanical royalty set by the Copyright Royalty Board, and is split among co-writers and publishers. Physical album sales aren't as big as they used to be, but can still be an important revenue stream.

How much does Drake make per stream? ›

Spotify pays an average of $0.00437 for each stream so if we do quick math, it turns out that Drake made over 37 million dollars last year on one streaming outlet.

How many followers do you need to make money streaming? ›

How much money do Twitch streamers make? In order to become a Twitch Affiliate, you need at least 50 followers and an average of three concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days. To become a Twitch Partner, you must average 75 concurrent viewers or more over 30 days.

Can I make a lot of money by streaming? ›

Live streamers that make the switch from platforms like Twitch or social media streaming to their own independent platform go on to earn an average of $5800 a month – with many earning much more than that!

Which streaming service pays artists the most 2022? ›

Tidal already has earned a reputation for paying artists more per stream than many other competing services, and the service increases that amount through its HiFi Plus plan. Ten percent of your subscription cost goes directly to the artists you listen to the most.

How much is 1k streams on Apple Music? ›

How Much Does Apple Music Pay Per 1000 Streams? For every 1,000 streams, Apple Music pays artists about $6 to $10. As mentioned above, your number will fluctuate based on how many streams you receive and who listens to your music.

How much does Distrokid pay per stream 2022? ›

pays $0.005 ($5.00 per 1,000) per individual subscription stream from the US. Even lower for family sub and way lower for free. for the heads up! Resso for August 2022 have dropped.

Does Ditto own your music? ›

No, Ditto does not own any part of your company, label or copyright, nor are we named on any of your company documents. We love helping music entrepreneurs get started and will be here to offer advice and guidance throughout the life of your label.

Does Ditto distribute on Apple music? ›

Ditto's unlimited distribution service allows you to release all of your music onto the world's biggest platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, while keeping 100 % of the royalties you earn from sales.

Does Ditto upload to Spotify? ›

It's easy to be discovered on the world's biggest music streaming platform when you join Ditto Music. Upload your music to Spotify, reach more fans and keep 100% of the royalties you earn. Simple as that.

Is Ditto a good company? ›

The overall rating of Ditto is 4.0, with Skill development being rated at the top and given a rating of 4.0. However, Work-Life balance is rated the lowest at 3.3. To know first hand how is it like to work at Ditto read detailed reviews by job profile, department and location in the reviews section.

Is DistroKid better than Ditto? ›

Distrokid is better than Ditto. Although they are the same price, Distrokid has a better reputation, faster distribution times, is on Spotify's preferred distribution list, has more responsive customer service and more playlisting opportunities.

How do you split royalties on Ditto? ›

On the My Music section of your dashboard, scroll down to My Releases, select the Completed tab and choose Royalty Splits from the dropdown menu next to any of your completed releases. This will take you to your chosen release's Royalty Splits dashboard.

Should you sell your music as an NFT? ›

Turning your music into NFTs is a surprisingly easy process, and a way to start making some extra money. As long as you know the right software and spend some time marketing yourself, you can easily get starting selling music as an NFT. As an artist, you want your music to be heard by as many people as possible.

Do big artists use DistroKid? ›

Millions of musicians rely on DistroKid.

Pay only $19.99 to upload unlimited albums & songs for a year and get in stores 10-20x faster than any other distributor.

How do I get my royalties paid? ›

The Four Steps to Collect All Your Royalties
  1. Step 1: Select a Music Distributor For Recording Revenue. ...
  2. Step 2: Affiliate Yourself With a Collection Society For Performance Royalties. ...
  3. Step 3: Associate With a Publisher to Collect All Your Global Publishing Royalties.
25 Aug 2021

What is the average royalty payment? ›

Royalty Rate For Services

The average royalty percentage applied to licensed services varies between 2-15 percent of the total buy, depending on the attractiveness of the property.

How often do you get paid royalties? ›

These payments are then collected by Collection Agencies or Mechanical Rights Organizations and then they pay the artist a lump-sum of these royalties after a certain amount of time (usually every 6 months).

How much is 1 Spotify play worth? ›

Spotify pays artists between $0.003 - $0.005 per stream on average.

How many streams do you need to go gold? ›

FULL-LENGTH ALBUM AWARD* The Album Award counts album sales, song sales and on-demand audio and/or video song streams at the formula of 1,500 on-demand audio and/or video song streams = 10 track sales = 1 album sale.
Quantity500,000 unitsOne million units
33 more rows

How many Ditto cards are there? ›

From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Ditto has been featured on 26 different cards since it debuted in the Fossil expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

What is the deal with Ditto? ›

Ditto is the Transform Pokémon, a Pokémon capable of transforming itself into any Pokémon it sees. When Ditto uses Transform, it changes its appearance and moves into that of its opponent.

Should you peel Ditto cards? ›

Some collectors think that the cards should be left unpeeled to keep them in the best condition, and increase their rarity if other people do peel them. However some people have questioned if the sticker glue might damage the card over time if it is left unpeeled.

Is Ditto Music Publishing good? ›

I've been with them since 2020 and I can honestly say I love Ditto. The only thing that I dislike is the 10 day delay in which your song/album drops. Other than that, the customer service is great and payment takes 2-5 days!

Is Ditto better than Distrokid? ›

Distrokid is better than Ditto. Although they are the same price, Distrokid has a better reputation, faster distribution times, is on Spotify's preferred distribution list, has more responsive customer service and more playlisting opportunities.

Who is Ditto Music owned by? ›

Ditto Music
GenreOnline distribution, Record label
FounderLee Parsons, Matt Parsons
8 more rows

How much does ditto publishing cost? ›

Ditto Pricing
Ditto Annual Subscription$150 per Yearper Receiver
Ditto Monthly Subscription$15.99 per Monthper Receiver

How much does it cost to distribute a song with ditto? ›

Like Distrokid, you can release an unlimited number of your songs as an independent artist for the price of $19.00. While most other platforms charge per every release of a track. For professional artists, the fee is $29.00 per year. For a record label, it's $69 per year.

What is the best website to produce music? ›

10 of the Best Websites for Music Producers - The List:
  1. Sound on Sound (S.O.S.) ...
  2. Produce Like a Pro. ...
  3. The Pro Audio Files. ...
  4. The LANDR Blog. ...
  5. The Splice Blog. ...
  6. iZotope. ...
  7. Record Production. ...
  8. Pensado's Place.

Does Ditto verify Spotify? ›

It's easy to get your artist profile verified on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music, as well as access to lots of extra services to help your discover who's listening to your music and more.

Does DistroKid give you 100% royalties? ›

DistroKid distributes payments every month, and you retain 100% of your earnings. That's right, DistroKid does not take even a small percentage of your earnings, quite unlike other distribution services like Repost by SoundCloud, which takes 20%.

Does Spotify pay rappers? ›

Instead of paying the artists directly, Spotify pays the rights holders, who pay the artists. According to Spotify, roughly two-thirds of the revenue from music goes to rights holders.

Does Ditto Music have an app? ›

Discover more from dittomusic only on the app.

Is Ditto a good music distributor? ›

My overall takeaway on using Ditto for music distribution is that it's a completely viable and impressively cost-efficient option – with a few notable shortcomings. It's got plenty of pros. And it has its own warts, too. Overall, I think it's a good platform.

What platforms does ditto release to? ›

With Ditto you can release your music on hundreds music services across the world, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, iTunes, TikTok, Instagram... How do I check if my music is live in stores?


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